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Wooden Staircase Handrail
Wooden Staircase Handrail
Wooden Staircase Handrail
Wooden Staircase Handrail
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30 Jan 2020
1 meter
IDR 1.780.000

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Wood Stair Handle

Stairs have long been an important element of a house. A luxurious ladder can be the center of attention at home and can highlight the overall home decor. Style has changed and adapted to modern tastes for years, but the important thing is never changing the ladder is one of the interiors that endanger the occupants so there must always be a banister or also commonly called railing ladder as a safety. Recently, interior designers have begun to focus their designs around showing off the banisters.

A well-designed staircase is essential to display an elegant impression. Handrails have been switched from basic elements, made only for safety purposes, to beautiful focal points that contribute to the elegance of the interior of the house. Endless design options for handrails, come in various shapes and models. The most common materials used for stair railing include wrought iron, glass, steel, and wood.
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